Taking Lena Home

Alexandra Grant|2022|60 min

Upon learning that it was stolen in 1945, artist Alexandra Grant drives across the country to return a tombstone, the first antique she has ever purchased, to a rural homesteading community in Nebras...


In 2000, Los Angeles-based artist Alexandra Grant came across a curious object in a Wyoming junk shop: the tombstone of Lena Davis, a baby girl who died in 1880. Inexplicably drawn to the stone, she took it home, where it sat in her studio. Years later, she began a quest to discover the origins of the headstone, a mission that led her all the way to Polk, Nebraska, and an adventure in first-time filmmaking. TAKING LENA HOME documents the marker’s return to its rightful place, as well as Grant’s journey from owner of the stone to its caretaker.





Directed By
Alexandra Grant
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