Alison's Adventures

Alison Teal|2015


Aloha! My name is Alison Teal & I want to educate & inspire children/ families around the world through humorous & fun entertainment.

I'm a soul surfer, survivor, & adventurer who grew up around the world with my adventure photographer parents in some of the most primitive, inaccessible, & often dangerous mountains, jungles, & unchartered wilderness areas on earth.

I'v always wanted to share the magic and mystery of the people around the world that shaped my life with hopes of enriching their lives & giving them a renewed love for life, for learning, & for each other & our planet.

After graduating USC film school, I grabbed my surfboard, camera, & laptop & set off around the world to make a film series which would offer viewers a special passport into my global family & their mind blowing secrets - through comedic & inspirational story telling.

I believe that by inspiring & educating the youth of today, we create solid leaders for the future.

Every part of creating Alison's Adventures films has been volunteer-based & the bulk of the producing, writing, directing, editing, & hosting has!

After 8 years of filming I have finally completed my first AA films!


Multiple Episodes



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