Expedition Kayak - Season 2

Adventure Sports TV|2022|450 min

The Quebec Connection kayakers, a group from Quebec City, are among the best kayakers in the world. These adventurers will use their kayaks to discover and map the most extreme unexplored rivers in C...


This season, Quebec Connection, a group of kayakers from Quebec City who are among the best in the world, are tackling the biggest expeditions of their careers, starting in British Columbia, the world's mecca for extreme kayaking. They will use their kayaks to discover and map the unexplored rivers of the Whistler area, then those of the extreme north of the province that flow into the Alaskan fjords. To finish their journey, they will travel to the Upper North Shore of Quebec to tackle one of the most majestic and unexplored whitewater territories in America.


Multiple Episodes



Directed By
Magasin Général



Episode 1

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