Kakapo Crest

Adventure Sports TV|2022|23 min

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Tasmanian climbers Liz Oh and Rosie Hohnen are persuaded by filmmaker Olivia Page and a local kiwi stoat trapper, Ana Richards, to hike off-track deep into remote Fiordland, New Zealand, in search of a sabre-like peak. They surrender themselves to Ana's confidence in navigating them through terrain few have crossed, and in parts never traversed at all. They battle through vertical plants, gale force storms and dangerously loose rock - but not without humor. When they finally do reach the peak, unofficially named the Tusk, they quickly learn why it might be that only one other person, in the 1970s, has attempted to summit the towering peak. 42 years after this failed attempt Liz and Rosie try to bag this 600m first ascent. Kakapo Crest is Olivia Page’s first major film. Official Selections 2021: VIMFF, Kendal Mountain Film Festival, New Zealand Mountain Film Festival, Fort William Mountain Film Festival, No Man's Land Film Festival, Femmes en Montagne, Peebles Outdoor Film Festival, Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour. Official Selection 2020: Nordic Adventure Film Festival.





Directed By
Olivia Page
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