Bang Bang

Byron Q|2014

A gang war forces two friends to go down different paths of life.


"Justin is a troubled teen looking for a way out of the gang life. His best friend Charlie is a rich Taiwanese kid who lives in the nice part of town. Justin runs away from home after a fight with his mom and takes refuge at Charlie's house while his parents are away on a prolonged business trip.

The Murder of a fellow gang member avalanches into a full blown war with a rival gang. Caught in the midst of teenage angst, gang life, and alienation, the two friends find themselves heading down two different paths of life."

Many of the actors in this film are actually non-professional actors who came from the very lives that this film depicts. Even the lead role is played by a first time actor, THAI NGO. THAI is an underground Rap artist best known for his rawness and authenticity in telling stories from his personal life where he has been in a violent street gang since the age of 13. He is now living his dream as a Rap artist signed to 454 Life Entertainment, performing at shows across the world and releasing albums to his fans.

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Directed By
Byron Q
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