To Where God Dwells

Johannes M Schwarz|2015|Austria|60 min

A catholic priest sets out to walk 8700 miles from his home in Liechtenstein to Jerusalem and back.


How do we measure a journey? In days? In the distance traveled?

In the things we see? Or the things we leave behind? Is it about the destination? And if, was Jerusalem ever the place I sought to reach?

This film documents the first 5000 miles of my walking pilgrimage from Central Europe to Jerusalem and back (8700 miles/14.000 km total).

I thought long about how to tell the tale in 60 minutes and there were no easy choices. I watched a number of travel docs and road movies, but I felt nothing of the sort would do those first 33 weeks to Jerusalem justice. So I opted for a different approach, inspired by the film "Into Great Silence."

When I did my first long pilgrimage in 1998 from Austria to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) I walked without money and was greeted by the kindness of strangers. This time around I wanted to give back and was privileged to be able to do so. More than 30.000 $ were spent aiding a parish in Ukraine (heating), a free clinic for the poor in Romania, a program for handicapped people in Georgia, a hospital in Armenia and a school in Israel bringing Jews and Arabs (both Christian and Muslim) closer. Thanks everyone! I will try to continue with your help.





Directed By
Johannes M Schwarz
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