Via Alpina Sacra

Johannes M Schwarz|2022|Austria|94 min

A 2,700 mile pilgrimage across the Alps


After having walked to Santiago, Rome and Jerusalem a catholic priest and "part-time"-hermit sets out on yet another pilgrimage: the Via Alpina Sacra - a route comparing in length to the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) but with twice the positive elevation change. This solo (self-filmed) travel documentary recounts the joys and pains, the wonders and musings of a pilgrim traversing 8 countries and an entire mountain range in search of its holy sites. By the end he had visited more than 200 spectacular churches, chapels, crosses, monasteries and places of pilgrimage. Their stories are recounted more fully in the book (visit - click ENG next to Via Alpina Sacra - for more info on availability). This film is a short window into those 125 days between heaven and earth, both glorious and trying.

Please note: brief sections in German and French are subtitled!

The proceeds from this video will be forwarded as a donation towards the restoration of the chapel on Mount Thabor. At 3,178 m - 10,400 ft - it is the highest shrine in France. With warming temperatures and the melting of the perma frost its foundations have suffered greatly and are in need of repair.





Directed By
Johannes M Schwarz
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