The Romance

Branded Entertainment|2022|296 min

Everyone has 3 lives: a public life, a private life and a secret life.


The Romance is a reality-doc webseries that tells the story of 24 single men and women, ages 24 to 44, in San Diego and their search for love. Along their journey they go on one on one dates, group events as well as get advice and opinions from a panel of judges. A hidden storyline develops, as we meet Miss X, and not everything is as it seems as we head to a surprise ending. And viewers get to vote and participate.

The 12 episode series is based on real conditions (the men and women don't live in a mansion, they don't all look like models, some are divorced, some have kids, they don't go on 2nd dates to know, real life.)

Both entertaining as well as educational, audiences find themselves cheering, disliking or not caring for the various characters and over 120 scenic locations, venues and events are showcased in San Diego county.


Multiple Episodes



Directed By
Ken Gora



The Romance Episode 1

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