CFX Entertainment LLC|2014|90 min

Halloween mask makers suffer growing pains as they strive to become the number one mask making company in the haunt industry.


Composite Effects, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is the number one producer of top-quality silicone masks in the world, offering a variety of monsters, demons, zombies and more. The studio's work has been featured in countless productions, including 2Guns, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and The Walking Dead Escape.

CFX UNBOXED documents the events of the 2011 Halloween season at the offices of Composite Effects. Fans of horror and sci-fi alike, will enjoy this behind the scenes look at the early years of the company as they struggle through growing pains on their journey to becoming the number one silicone mask making company in the international haunt industry.





Directed By
Andre Chapoy
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