Visions To Victory

City Heights CDC|2022|12 min

"Visions to Victory: A People's History of the SR-15 Freeway" is the story of a 40 year community struggle to prevent the neighborhood of City Heights from being divided in half by a new freeway.


This award-winning 12 minute documentary features in-depth interviews with community leaders of City Heights from 1978-2018 who refused to allow their neighborhood to be divided by a new freeway. In response, they organized and developed an alternative plan -- The Visions Project.

Community leaders proposed to underground the freeway and cover it with 8 blocks of parks, housing, businesses, and rapid transit. But Caltrans had other plans.

After a series of setbacks and decades of struggle, leaders were eventually victorious in achieving California's only freeway cover park, two adjacent parks, a separated bike path, two pedestrian bridges, and the region's first in-line bus rapid transit stations -- the new Mid-City Centerline Stations.

This multi-generational campaign has made City Heights a more resilient community and has created a culture of advocacy and leadership known throughout California.

Winner of the American Planning Association Best Communication Initiative Award in 2019 (California and San Diego Chapters).





Directed By
Randolph Torres - Van Vleck and Brian Myers
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