the smalls: forever is a long time

Crowsnest Films|2016|103 min

After mysteriously saying Goodbye Forever at the peak of their success 13 years ago, the smalls tour once more --- closing the loop as bandmates, estranged friends, and with their long-adoring fans.


Everyone seems to have a story about the smalls—or at least the T-shirt. Their myth has only grown over their 13 year absence in music. Their legendary impact and sudden breakup, despite massive regional success, left legions of adoring fans frustrated and abandoned. In 2015 they reunited, now as fathers, country stars, and estranged friends, and proved to both fans and themselves that timeless music has the power to redeem, heal, and erase the years.

Things can never be the same, and nostalgia can be perilous, but a brief visit into one’s own past can often put to bed restless yearning, provide detached perspective, and affirm one’s inevitable place today. This is not a story of failure and glass ceilings, but rather of great success and self actualization. the smalls continue to be resonant in our lives. they mattered to thousands of young, alienated youth and did it with accessible grace, attitude, and a stubborn DIY work ethic.





Directed By
Trevor Smith
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