Slave To The Grind

doug brown|2022|99 min

Grindcore is the world fastest and most aggressive music. Originally fuelled by Punk Rock’s leftist politics, Grindcore’s intense growth over the past 35 years is documented for the first time with ...


If you lived in Flint Michigan, USA in the 80s, you likely worked in an auto factory. If you lived in Birmingham, England in the 80s, you likely worked in an industrial setting. If you were a teenager in either of these cities during those years, you either accepted your fate or broke the mold. In defiance of tradition, groups of punk rockers and metalheads in these respective cities created a new sound, and consequently a new genre of music that was too punk for metalheads, and too heavy for punks.

Grindcore fused the anarchistic attitudes of the UKs Punk scene with the speed and drunken aggression of Death Metal, which was simultaneously being created in the US. When Napalm Death released ‘Scum' in 1986, world-renowned BBC DJ, John Peel, announced that ‘Grindcore’ was the fastest and most abrasive sounding music imaginable, and he was right.

Slave To The Grind is the first documentary on Grindcore to capture the genre's 35 year life span. The film takes you to Japan, the United States, UK, Australia, Singapore, Finland and Sweden to discuss why the genre has persisted, and changed, over time.





Directed By
Doug Brown
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