Agua Negra

Dock6 Films|2022|62 min

After losing a close friend while freediving, David dives in an journey into the unknown. What starts as a search for the roots of spearfishing soon turns into a life changing adventure.


Everyday we would wake up before the sunrise. On our way to the beach, carrying our gear, we would hear the fishermen asking to each other the same question everyday. In other parts of the world you would hear them asking about the wind, swell, tides, but in here, the question was only one: “Is the water black?” (“A água é negra?”).

For them, Agua Negra, means the conditions are ideal to catch big blue water fish.

When the answer to that question was “Yes”, you would feel the energy changing and the boat, carried through the sand using your arms, became lighter.

Enlightening and dark, this adventure had everything: sleeping on the floor without seeing a single fish, discovering a small desert town, an underwater paradise that houses big sharks, endless perfect diving days, fishing and living with the locals, wounds and a life changing experience right at the end of the trip.

People could say it was breathtaking. We can only assure that everything was filmed while freediving (apnea).





Directed By
Ricardo A. Nascimento and David Ochoa
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