Dada Venduza

Jay Schwartz|2022|75 min

Take the plunger! Viva Dada!


"There was a brave Dadaist with a gospel, whose mission, some 'Fascist Fairies' thought, was distasteful. They set out to kill him as they brainwashed poor millions ... so the Gods sent some 'Dada Sprites' to assist him."

'Dada Venduza' is both an avant-garde comedy and a tribute to the dadaism art movement. This combined art and anti-art film is a pseudo-retro-intensive post-modern regurgitation of life, society and dadaism. The comedy aims to redefine the art of film-making and creative excess, lampoon artistic convention and vehemently satirize the current zeitgeist. The film's message is simple: nothing is sacred, not good, evil, government, love/sex, religion or even art. Go ahead and take the plunger! Viva Dada!

This special online package includes the following: Dada Venduza (the main feature), the director's commentary and more 'extra dada features' than you can shake a plunger at! Produced by Jay Schwartz & Dada Bloq Productions and filmed in Thessaloniki, Greece.




Art & Music

Directed By
Jay Schwartz
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