Josh Heard|2022|United States|88 min

Josh Heard and his team are investigating the legend of a monster that terrorized the small community of Van Meter, IA back in 1903. What the team finds leaves them absolutely terrified.


Back in 1903, the quiet town of Van Meter, Iowa was visited by a monster. This monster terrorized the community for 5 nights before the townspeople chased it out of town and into a nearby coal mine. The entrance to the mine was then blasted shut, seemingly trapping the monster inside.

Now, Josh Heard and his team will be camping out only feet from what is now the monster's final resting place and trying to make contact with whatever was or is down in the mine. What the team captures, leaves them all speechless.




Mystery, Documentary


coarse language

Directed By
Josh Heard
Cast and Crew
Director/ Editor/Himself
Josh Heard
Luis Cruz
Johnny Houser
Camera Operator/ Himself
Chris Case
Camera Operator/ Himself
Jesse Houser
Camera Operator/ Himself
Seth Alne
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