Bearded Vultures of the Alps

Mathieu Le Lay|2012|France|52 min

Take off with the mythical winged giant of the Alps: the Bearded Vulture.


Take off with the mythical winged giant of the Alps, the Bearded Vulture.

Only 30 years since the start of the bearded vulture reintroduction program, men and women struggle to keep this emblematic species alive and at home in the Alps.

Through cooperation between the various mountain parks, and the respect from local inhabitants, this “bird of fire” re-conquers lost territories.

Each birth is one chance closer to survival for this fragile and menaced species.

This is their story, and the quest of the men and women who have dedicated their lives to the cause of the Bearded Vulture.





Directed By
Mathieu Le Lay
Cast and Crew
Author - Director - Camera operator
Mathieu Le Lay
Mona Lisa Production
Wildlife Photographer
Antoine Rezer
Wildlife Photographer
Jean-Luc Danis
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