Hush - Feature Documentary

Hush Documentary|2022|101 min

A liberating conversation about women's health and abortion. For physical copies visit


HUSH is a documentary that uncovers an array of important women’s health information that has been hidden by the explosive political battleground surrounding the subject of abortion.

Is a woman's reproductive history related to her breast cancer risk? Premature birth risk? And Psychological problems? These questions are explored in depth. Directed from the POV of a "pro-choice" Canadian filmmaker whose life and health is personally affected by the information she finds, with the support of "pro-life" Exec. Producer Drew Martin, and "neutral" Producer/Editor Joses Martin.

Hush is a film that will have a lasting effect on healthcare, government and furthering feminist progress to unite left & right political ideologies by first helping to Start A Healthy Conversation.





Directed By
Punam Kumar Gill
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