MorningTide Fishing - Cavy

MorningTide Fishing|2014|25 min

Through the experiences of a group of young men, MorningTide Fishing captures the true depth of what it takes to be an Extreme Land Based Game Fisherman and sheds light on this mostly unknown form of Fishing.


MorningTides first film "Cavy" takes you into the World of Extreme Land Based Game Fishing. Where swimming out to razor sharp Volcanic Rock to Spin for Tuna and other Pelagics is just the beginning. After landing and releasing Sharks, Queenies, Tuna and also getting smoked by big GTs, MTF finally reveals that one fateful day when Cavy lost sight of his safety altogether. Going up against the combined force of Fish and Sea, MTFs Co Founder fights one of the Greatest Fishing Battles of All Time.


Multiple Episodes



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MorningTide Fishing



MorningTide Fishing - Cavy

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