Vennlige mennesker

Oktoberfilm AS|2022|76 min

The owner of a chain of grocery store is having problems with his alcohol abuse, something which leads to other serious problems.


A thriller centered around the 34 year old CEO of grocery stores struggling with alcohol abuse and financial problems. To avoid a bankrupt, he kidnaps his own step son for ransom.

Written and Directed by: Marius Pinnås Sørvik

Produced by: Marius Pinnås Sørvik & Per Vidar Anfinnsen

Director of photography: John-Erling H. Fredriksen

Actors: Thomas Stene-Johansen, Per Vidar Anfinnsen, Linda Margrethe Hverven, Jakob Ramberg, Sverre Horge, Kjetil Indregard, Tiger Gartè, Silje Hagrim Dahl, Marcus Rix, Johan Tinus Lindgren, Kim J. Olsen, Erik Skøld





Directed By
Marius Pinnås Sørvik
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