Steven Schechter|2022|93 min

The Revolutionary War has always seemed too distant for modern sensibilities. But flesh and blood sacrifices were made by ordinary people like Mary Silliman.


"This beautifully filmed and historically accurate film is a wrenching tale of war through the eyes of one woman." CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

In Mary's small Connecticut town, the war had turned neighbor against neighbor. Those loyal to the revolution were set fiercely against those still loyal to England. When Mary's husband, the state's attorney, brings charges against a neighbor's son, Mary rebels against the hatred and suspicion tearing her town apart. But when her husband is kidnapped by Tories and sentenced to be hung, she must examine her morality in a different light.

MARY SILLIMAN'S WAR is a true story, based on the award-winning biography, The Way of Duty, by Joy and Richard Buel.

" This (three star) film powerfully addresses such issues as women's roles and the ambiguities of war." TV GUIDE

"By a very wide margin, (it) is the most compelling film ever produced on the American Revolution." JOHN MURRIN, PRINCETON UNIV.

BLUE RIBBON, American Film Festival

GOLD SPECIAL JURY AWARD, Houston International Film Festival

SILVER MEDAL, New York Film Festival

GOLDEN APPLE, National Educational and Documentary Film Festival






Directed By
Steven Surjik
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