Rescue In The Philippines

Frieder Films|2013|United States|56 min

RESCUE IN THE PHILIPPINES is a holocaust documentary of efforts to save the lives of Jews by resettlement in the Philippines


RESCUE IN THE PHILIPPINES: REFUGE FROM THE HOLOCAUST recounts a fascinating, yet seldom-told, chapter in World War II history. The documentary chronicles a real-life Casablanca, in which a high-profile group of poker buddies — including Colonel Dwight Eisenhower — devised an intricate international plan of rescue and re-settlement, saving 1,300 Jews from Nazi concentration camps. RESCUE IN THE PHILIPPINES tells this story through interviews with historians, relatives of key participants, and first-person accounts from refugees who detail their harrowing escape from Europe and immigration to the Philippines.





Directed By
Russel Hodge and Cynthia Scott-Johnson
Cast and Crew
Executive Producers
Russell C Hodge and Cynthia Scott
Barbara Sasser and Peggy Ellis
Liev Schreiber
Jenny Gebhardt
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