Revenue Reserve

Doug Orchard|2014|United States|52 min

The most successful private CRE investors share their unwritten rules that made them who they are today. This is their secret of why they thrive when things go wrong.


The most successful private CRE investors share an amazingly common set of unwritten rules. It’s surprising how many of them are self-made. This documentary provides an intimate look at how they do it.

These private CRE investors generously share the unwritten rules they follow to not only survive but thrive when things go wrong.

Most lack a comprehensive understanding of the problems associated with investing in real estate. It can retain its value, but its unique liabilities can reach back and take everything from the investor.

Investors, prospective investors and anyone who works with investors (i.e., CRE agents, property managers, insurance agents, financial advisors, CPA's, asset protection and real estate attorneys, and lenders) must see this film.





Directed By
Doug Orchard
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