The Motivation Factor

Doug Orchard|2022|89 min

The Motivation Factor that's missing today to be united as a society and become smart, productive & mentally stable.


This award-winning documentary shows the irreplaceable role Physical Education plays to build social unity and develop smart, productive & mentally stable citizens, and the out-of-control consequences we face today with its absence in our society.

The United States stopped teaching classical Physical Education 100 years ago, which did not resemble ‘PE’ as it is known today. JFK tried to bring classical Physical Education back, but that ended with his shortened Presidency. It wasn’t about balls and sports; it was about addressing a basic human requirement…one we have ignored as a population and pay the consequences for its absence every day.

This documentary explores the pivotal role Physical Education plays to develop smart, productive & mentally stable citizens. It shows an eye-opening connection between the lack of activity today and the ever-growing burdens we face.

This 4 year film project interviewed over 250 of the the world's leading scientists, physicians, educators, students and alumni. It’s the most comprehensive look at ‘why’ we must exercise.





Directed By
Doug Orchard, MLS
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