The Significant Other

Shalene Portman|2012|United States|90 min

When love checks in, Sanity checks out!


The road to true love is never easy, especially when the handsome prince finally shows up and the princess is already married!

Opening the B&B is a great way to keep her grandmothers house, but Clara, (Brittany Joyner, No Burgers for Big Foot ) is young, single and pretty. When her nosy neighbor ladies find out her first guest is a male executive coming to stay for a month on business, they freak out and convince her to make up a fake husband to "protect her from unscrupulous men". She poses with Marty, (Stephen Brodie, A House Divided) and creates "the significant other" by placing pictures of them around the house and sporting a rock the size of Texas.

It doesn't take Clara long to realize that until she actually gets married she is stuck living a lie and so she starts Internet dating, which is a disaster, and if that's not enough, that male executive, Rick, (Donny Boaz, The Great Debaters) is gorgeous and single and they are instantly attracted, but he thinks shes married.

Clara doesn't know how to tell him she's not married, and then one evening Rick runs into her "husband" with his male lover, and all heck breaks loose.




Romance, Comedy

Directed By
Shalene Portman
Cast and Crew
Rick Masters
Donny Boaz
Clara Jones
Brittany Joyner
Stephanie Young
Morgana Shaw
Sammie Portman
Theressa Railsback
Steven Brodie
Josh Durhan
Mrs. Masters
Jane Willingham
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