Stranger At The Pentagon

Screen Addiction, LLC|2014|United States|24 min

Valiant Thor, a universal emissary, comes to Earth to lend aid to humanity but the military and shadow government only want his advanced technology for warfare and will use any means to get it.


Valiant Thor, a universal emissary, arrives to Earth on March 16, 1957 to meet President Eisenhower, along with VP Richard Nixon, Joint Chiefs of Staff, CIA, FBI and NSA directors. Thor, acting on behalf of a Galactic Council of Twelve, hands the President a cosmic proposal. The proposal focuses on the dangers of atomics, pollution, the benefits of free energy, and the elimination of poverty and disease to improve quality of life. Valiant Thor is then put on VIP status for three years to discuss, oversee, and potentially implement the plan. The Washington brass eventually learn that Thor is a created being, a man with divine powers, not born of man and woman, and cannot be killed. 

The Joint Chiefs of Staff want Valiant Thor’s flying saucer technology. AF General Browning is a member of MJ-12, and the alien tech they have in their possession at Area 51, pale in comparison to Thor’s organic Victor Class Saucer Fleet. These craft are living intelligent beings. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff later retires. General Browning then takes his place and promotes AF Vice Chief of Staff Davin Dervill with the caveat: to get Thor’s organic technology at any cost.




Science Fiction & Fantasy

Directed By
Craig Campobasso
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