Josh Feldman|2014|United States|80 min

A lowly factory worker travels across the stars in a quest that may change the very nature of civilization.


Senn is about a lowly line worker on Pyom, a world forgotten even by the corporation that owns it. Strange phenomena begin to threaten his job, relationships and very existence. As his situation reaches its breaking point, an enigmatic alien intelligence suddenly appears from nowhere. With Senn’s sanity hanging in the balance, he and his lover, Kana, escorted by their peculiar alien host journey light years away to the Polychronom, an ancient object that has chosen him from across the stars. Their only hope is for Senn to fulfill a mysterious purpose that may change the very nature of civilization.

Not rated. Nudity and mature content, viewer discretion advised.




Science Fiction & Fantasy



Directed By
Josh Feldman
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