The Robert Yummy Sandifer Story

shaiking mathis|2014|61 min

Nicknamed Yummy because of his love of junk food, Sandifer was a young member of the street gang the Black Disciples. After committing murder, arson and armed robbery, he was executed by fellow gang ...


The Robert “Yummy” Sandifer Story is part 1 of a 12 part Chicago Chronicles production series. In 1994 Time Magazine covered the story about an 11 year old child (gang member) who was coerced by older gang members into committing a string of felonious crimes. It was alleged that “Yummy” had committed murder. Yummy is then killed by older gang members in an effort to silence him before the authorities can find out who sent him on that murder mission. The story lines used in the movie are based on actual events that are part of Chicago’s urban landscape.It was alleged that Robert “Yummy” was member of the Black Disciple street gang. Court records show that “Yummy” was arrested for arson, armed robbery and allegedly, murder which ultimately led to his execution style murder. Cragg and Derrick Hardaway, brothers, were convicted of “Yummy’s” murder was also included as one of the story lines in the film. The ghost of “Yummy” comes back to warn Cragg Hardaway’s son, Cragg Jr and reveals parts of his life to others in the film. The film also introduces 14 year old Shavon Dean to the audience. Shavon Dean was caught in the crossfire when shots rang out between rival gang members. Word on





Directed By
Shaiking Mathis
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