Afghans to the top

Louis Meunier|2022|Afghanistan|52 min

The story of the first Afghan ascent of Mount Noshaq, the highest peak in Afghanistan (7.492 meters). A climb in a country at war is more than just an expedition...


Four Afghan climbers attempt to do what none of their countrymen dream possible: reach the summit of the higest peak of their country, Mount Noshaq, which rises at 7,492 meters in the Hindu Kush range.

Their goal is to send a message of hope and peace to the Afghan and international communities... But at first, our four heroes - who have never climbed a mountain before - have to train to become true climbers. Indeed, at very high altitude, hypoxia and hard weather conditions can lead to dangerous situations. Before setting up on the slopes of Mount Noshaq, they first have to organize the expedition, find sponsors and convince the Afghan authorities. A crazy and almost impossible adventure that spans over two years.

Will they rise to the challenge ?





Directed By
Louis Meunier
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