We Are Throwers

We Are Throwers|2022|60 min

Yo-yos are no longer long forgotten toy. Dive into the documentary concentrated on stories of professional yoyo players from all around the world, as they play, compete, travel and express themselves...


Walk the dog. Around the World. Rock the Baby. These are words that instantly evokes feeling of nostalgia for almost anybody. It's something that every kid picked up at least once - a yoyo. Some of them just never put it down.

Almost 80 years after initial boom, yoyos are no longer just a toy from a bygone era of our grandparents. For many it's a sport, for others it's an art form, while some consider it just a hobby. We Are Throwers is a documentary showcasing modern yoyoing and unique perspective on it by players from all around the world, as they travel, compete, perform and express themselves. Filmed in USA, Japan, Poland, Czech Republic and Iceland.





Directed By
Piotrek Śmietana
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