Romantic Warriors I

Zeitgeist Media|2022|United States|95 min

Inspired by classical progressive rock bands of 40 years ago such as Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and Pink Floyd, young bands of today have transformed progressive music into something new.


The documentary is a snapshot at the contemporary progressive rock scene on the US-East coast. Musicians, music label owners, festival organizers, progressive rock magazine editors, and radio hosts reflect on the history of progressive music and the thriving new scene of today. The film highlights the festival scene on the US East coast by visiting ProgDay, RoSfest and NEARfest. The film also discusses the importance of small music venues like Orion Sound Studios that allow bands to play and to get exposure to an audience.




Documentary, Art & Music

Directed By
Adele Schmidt & José Zegarra Holder
Cast and Crew
Jose Zegarra Holder
Adele Schmidt
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